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The old guy

I’m retired after 41 years working as a Electronic Engineering Technologist. I worked in the medical field and specialized in the Nuclear Medicine area. I spent some time training service personnel on various Nuclear Medicine products for GD Searle in Chicago. Then moved to Vancouver and worked for GEAC Canada computerizing the credit unions in Western Canada. I then started my own business in Vancouver, NCS Medical Inc. which sold and serviced medical equipment again in the Nuclear Medicine field. I sold this business in 2008 and moved to Rocky Mountain House, AB.

What I do

  • I teach Basic Wood Turning for the Rocky Arts & Crafts Guild. This involves  two saturdays, the first day I get everyone to turn a basic wood turning tool handle . The second day I get everyone to turn  a basic bowl.        
  • I teach Basic Gas Welding again for the Rocky Arts & Crafts Guild. This is a 2 day course which stresses safety. How to know if the welding set is safe to use and then we go on into welding and brazing. How to clean your metal before welding, etc.
  • I spend my days making new tools for making my hobby easier. For example sanders for sanding the inside of a hollow form.
  • I create as many pieces of useful items such as Coffee Mills, Salt & Pepper sets, Goblets, etc.. for sale at the local Craft Sales.

                                                               This is my family

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