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Articulating Hollower.pdf.zip

Home Made Articulating Hollower

Arm Assembly

For all the years I have been wood turning, I have always had a craving to be able to do Hollow forms. However, I'm a chicken when it comes to working with a tool that is hanging over the tool holder by more than an inch or two. This hollower is a home made version of the Monster Hollower.

Cutter Arm & Laser Arm

This unit uses a Laser to show you were the cutter is at all times. The laser lives in the top arm and I have choosen a red cross. This laser is supplied by : Apinex.Com Inc. info@apinex.com


Phone : 1-514-482-4664
Fax : 1-514-482-4330
They are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Cutter Holder

I have made my tool holder out of a 3/8" rod so I can make up a number of different types of cutters. I'm not much of a fan of scraper type cutters, so as you can see my #1 cutter is a carbide round cutter that can be infinitely adjusted for best performance. I plan to make a few more cutters with carbide from Hunter Tools and Easy Wood Tools. I also want to make a swan neck unit so I can get a bit closer into the neck and shoulders of the vase.


Arm Assembly in the home position

Now that I have this unit finished, I am amazed with the ease with which it moves. I wasn't sure at first if this unit would do the trick, but rest assured, one hand on the cutter holder by the tool rest and one hand on the first knuckle and you have full control. I think I will put a handle/knob on the first knuckle for something to hold onto.

Details on how to make this unit are available so send me an e-mail or download the doc below by clicking on it.

Happy Hollowing.

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